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irline travel for business men and women is becoming increasingly more difficult today. The financial state of most of the nation's airlines has caused scheduling cut backs, reductions in services provided to passengers, and the elimination of many types of fares for business travelers.

In addition, the current economic turmoil of the airlines is leading to code sharing and other marketing agreements between airlines, which are a precursor to mergers. The end result will be very few surviving airlines that, because of decreased competition, will be able to charge exorbitant fares in an attempt to return to profitability

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There is a better way.

In the last several years many companies have discovered that corporate aviation provides a convenient, affordable and comfortable alternative to airline travel. However, the decision to purchase or lease a corporate airplane is a complicated one.  ALM Resources, Inc. is a consulting and research company that can provide your company with all the information to help you understand how owning and operating your own company aircraft might be the answer to all of your business's needs.

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