Make Mission Viejo Your New Home With Luxury Apartments In Orange County, CA

By | February 9, 2018

Something most people associate with Mission Viejo is luxury and value, and this is easy to see within the luxury apartments in Orange County, CA. With fully equipped kitchens, quartz stone countertops, hard wood floors, and the best in modern appliances, the units in this area are something to behold. The Orange County Government describes itself as follows:

"Orange County’s 3 million residents enjoy a nearly perfect climate in which parks and beaches provide abundant opportunities for outdoor activities. Orange County is the home of exciting professional sports, a wide range of tourist attractions and quality venues for visual and performing arts."

The township also provides access to some of the best shopping, restaurants and businesses in the state, along with family friendly services, and an education system including Capistrano Unified School District, The Saddleback Valley Unified School District, and Saddleback College.

What Makes Orange County The Best

California provides many beautiful views, and is recognized as a melting pot of culture and creativity, and this is something that is certainly reflected in Orange County. Yoga studios, libraries, bowling allies, and some of the best shopping and restaurants around guarantee that residents of the community enjoy their life here. Places like Don Gustavo’s and Rubino’s Pizza make Mission Viejo a hot spot for foodies and tourists, while the short drive to attractions like Disney Land keep families coming back time and again.


Choosing Luxury Over The Basics

While the price may be slightly elevated for the luxury apartments in Orange County CA when compared with the more basic units, the additional cost is usually worth it. Salt water pools and spas, private yoga studios, complimentary coffee bars, and fitness centers complete with saunas make the units in luxury buildings highly attractive for tenants of all ages. The salt water pools especially are making a splash among locals, and Mike Voorheis of Star News Online reports:

"Saltwater pools are better for your skin, hair and eyes than are chlorine pools. The familiar chlorine smell is virtually nonexistent, and advocates say the water feels better."

Free Wi-Fi in communal areas, shared BBQ pits and picnic areas, and other outdoor amenities are just another way that luxury living has expanded in these units. For more information on the possible features of buildings in Orange County, you can check out the online sites for property management in the area, or speak to the building manager directly. A tour of each potential building should also give you some insight into the luxury amenities available for each unit.

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